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    Why use a Virtual Assistant

About Sharyn Munro

More information about Sharyn Munro, including my background and previous experience in various administration roles


Some of the sites I use and recommend. I get a referral bonus for these sites, but I also use and recommend each of them.

Case Studies

Case studies from some of my previous clients to give you some idea of how others have used my services.


Frequently Asked Questions. If there’s something you’d like answered that isn’t here, just let me know.

Links And Useful Sites

My must have sites. These are all pretty much free, although most have a paid version.


Details of my pricing packages as well as my Terms & Conditions

Privacy Policy

The Sharyn Munro Virtual Assistance privacy policy and how I use any information I collect from you whether in person or automatically when you use my website.


Testimonials from clients, past and present

Why use a Virtual Assistant?

Some of the benefits in using a Virtual Assistant.  If you aren’t sure how a Virtual Assistant could help you and would like to see more, please also see the blog posts in the How a Virtual Assistant could help with... category.
If you want to know more or you’d like to keep in touch, please feel free to check out my social media presence via About.Me

If there’s anything else you’d like to know about Sharyn Munro Virtual Assistance, please ask.

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