Here are some case studies from some of my previous clients demonstrating how they’ve used virtual assistance services.

Data Entry

L had several binders containing signup sheets with contact details of people who’d attended his events or used his services and he wanted them collated so he could add them to his CRM and his mailing list.  After discussing his needs, we decided on an Excel file which he could easily import into a variety of programs either as an Excel file, or as a CSV file. 

The data entry included Names, Telephone Numbers (both landline & mobile), Email Addresses, Websites and Postal Addresses including Street, Suburb, State and Postcode.  Most of this information was on the sheet, although additional research was occasionally required to locate Suburb and Postcode information where only Street Address had been supplied.

The file was stored in a Dropbox folder for ease of access, and within a couple of days, the data entry was completed.  At that point, Andy had an accurate list he could easily import into any system he needed to, and by storing it in Dropbox we could both work on it whenever necessary and if there were any problems or corruption of the file we could revert to an earlier version.

All up it took around 1-2 hours of work per 100 records, which included combining multiple entries for the same person to get as many details as possible, typing, checking Suburbs & Postcodes where necessary and quality checking.



A runs a global niche directory and membership site and needed someone to help with new memberships and to follow up with people who submit a membership request but don’t complete the process. 

We created an email address which all membership emails would be sent to, as well as payment notifications from PayPal.  We both receive the emails, and I, add them  to our membership list, check whether the membership fee has been paid,  send them a welcome email and add them to our Membership mailing list.  I also keep track of incomplete applications and follow up after several days.  Other things I do include invoicing, chasing up website addresses and troubleshooting technical problems with information supplied by our clients, occasionally making minor edits to images,  proofreading the monthly email newsletter


 Document Formatting

Company C had recently changed their name and corporate branding.  As a result they had around 300 documents ranging from 1 to 40 pages long that needed to be changed to have the new logo, new fonts, styles, headers and footers applied, as well as checking for mentions of the previous company name within the documents and changing it to the new company name.


 General Administration

K owns two businesses, a restaurant in one town and a function venue in another city a short distance away.  She needs help keeping on top of all the administration and getting both venues organised.  Our first priority was finding a solution to telephone calls going unanswered in the function centre, so although I don’t provide a phone answering service, I got quotes in from several VA’s who do, summarized their proposals and give her a brief rundown on what was covered in each proposal.  Once she’d chosen a VA, I managed the process and was a trouble-shooter for problems on either side.

Other issues she faced which I was able to help with were invoicing and back account reconciliation, staff recruitment, developing a procedure manual, creating feedback surveys, creating and updating a Facebook page, sourcing accommodation for interstate trips, sourcing content and photos to create a monthly newsletter as well as other general administrative tasks.



J had written out his family history and wanted it typed up so he could send it to his family, he had over 100 pages of handwritten text which he’d produced over a several years. In a little over 10 hours I typed up the notes, submitted them to him for review and made the few corrections necessary and gave him a copy in both PDF and Word on CD and via Email.