My Must Have Links:

Here’s a list of my favorite links and useful sites, nearly all of these are free and some also have a paid option.  I use most of them on a regular basis, so my recommendation is coming from practical experience.  If you are looking at using any of them but you’re not sure, or you need some help figuring them out – drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do to help.


  • Online Stopwatch: For a stopwatch, timer, countdown
  • Time Zone Converter:  To convert the time in one city or timezone to the time in another city or timezone.  It’s useful  because you can search geographically or by time zone abbreviation.
  • From the same site is the World Clock which  shows the current time in around 144 cities.


  • Adblock: One of the few programs I’m happy to pay for when I could be using it for free. It blocks all the obtrusive ads on websites and is customisable so you can still see ads on sites you choose – so you can continue to support sites who need their advertising revenue, but you can also view sites like Facebook & IMDB without the ads everywhere.
  • Browsershots: Lets you see how your website looks in a variety of browsers – a great way to make sure that other people see what you want them to see.
  • Colour Conversion: converts colours between RGB, Hex and CMYK
  • Pingdom: Track your website uptime
  • QE Code Generator to create QR codes

Social Media

  • Buffer: Another social sharing tool. I use HootSuite to share on my business accounts & Buffer to share on my personal accounts to make sure I avoid those “oops” moments when you post something to the wrong account
  • Google+ Brand Page Audit: Check that your Google+ Business Page is set up correctly
  • HootSuite: Social media dashboard to track and post to multiple social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare, WordPress, mixi)
  • TweetDeckFor tracking multiple Twitter feeds (lists, searches, multiple Twitter accounts)
  • The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Image Dimensions: From Hubspot, it does just what it says, it gives dimensions for social media images for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.


  • Gmail: Free email account from Google
  • MailChimpManage your list and send marketing emails – MailChimp tracks permission and makes it easy to be sure you’re doing the right thing
  • SkypeFree calls to other Skype users, cheap calls to landlines and mobiles


  • 42Goals: This is one of only two programs that I could use for free, but I choose to pay for, just because I love it so much (the other is AdBlock). It’s a really simple and effective way to track quantifiable goals.
  • Evernote: Store everything that’s important to you in one place
  • Feedly: Track RSS feeds to stay on top of the topics you’re interested in
  • Google Alerts: Get alert emails whenever topics you’re interested in are mentioned on the web
  • Google Calendar: Keep track of where you’re supposed to be no matter where you are
  • Instapaper Save things to read later
  • Shoeboxed: Organise your receipts
  • Trello: Organise anything… projects, goals, daily workflow


  • LastPass: Use better passwords online without having to remember an unwieldy string of letters, also great when you need to share access with staff (i.e.: a virtual assistant, someone doing some work on your website, a bookkeeper or accountant etc)


  • Link shortener
  • Dropbox: A place to store everything in the cloud, and a great way to share folders and documents
  • Google Drive: Similar to Dropbox, it’s also where your Google Docs are stored
  • Jing: Share video and images from your computer screen. Great for tutorials, explainers and how-to’s


  • Create MindMaps
  • Echosign:  Send and track contracts and other documents requiring a signature
  • Google Docs: Create Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Forms or Drawings
  • Grammarly: Bad writing looks unprofessional, check the grammar of your text here
  • LucidChart: Create flowcharts and organisation charts
  • Zoho CRM:  Manage Accounts, Leads, Contacts
  • Zoho Invoice: A really easy to use invoicing system for those who don’t need a complicated solution


  • LucidPress: Create beautiful and professional flyers, reports and other documents.
  • Pixlr: Create images for social media
  • PowToons: Make your own animated videos
  • SoundCloud: Upload Audio files for sharing on your blog or social media