The services I offer include:

Word processing
Data Entry
Customer Service
Customer Liaison
General Administration

Services - Sharyn Munro Virtual AssistanceTyping / Word Processing / Proofing

You provide the original text in whichever format is convenient.  I accept handwritten data either as a scanned file or via post; typed documents requiring formatting only and audio files requiring transcribing.  I can format documents to your corporate standards ready to be printed on your letterhead or using your corporate graphics.

Data Entry / Databases

I can format your data for use in presentations or for import into CRM systems.  I can create tables, graphs and pivot tables to display statistics and data for publication.  I can also add raw data into spreadsheets quickly and accurately to assist with mailing list creation, data mining or statistical analysis.

Customer Service / Customer Liaison

Having had many years experience in customer service I can provide your customers with a friendly and professional point of contact whether by email or telephone.

Mail Outs

I can assist with all  your company mail outs.  All you need to do is provide the address data and text and I can product labels, addressed envelopes or printed letters for distribution in clear face envelopes.  I can also help with the production of your print or electronic newsletters including setting up your MailChimp or Aweber account.

Organisation / General Administration

I have had many years experience in both administration and libraries and have a keen eye for detail and experience in all facets of research/  I can find, evaluate and summarise results as thoroughly or as briefly as you require.  I can also help you organise your office.  I can file hardcopy or e-file quickly and accurately or help create a filing system to suit your business needs and provide advice on how you can organise your office so it runs smoothly.  I can organise your travel and accommodation as well as bookings for restaurants, theatres, movies, seminars, training and conferences.

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If you require any administration services not mentioned here, please let me know and I have access to a network of administration professionals and will be able to find someone who will suit your needs.
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