Mailing and Mail Out Services

Regular newsletters and mail outs are a great way to keep in contact with your customers, to stay on top of their minds, and to share specials, changes and industry news.  If you’re still not sure, why not check out what ProBlogger, Wired and Social Media Today have to say about why you need to send a newsletter.

The problem is of course, that producing a regular newsletter is a lot of work. Particularly if you want to do a great job and have an interesting and professional looking product.  I can make the process much easier for you by looking after your lists, creating templates and formatting your regular newsletters with text provided by you. I can also monitor email responses as well as keep an eye on statistics and produce reports so that you know what your readers like, what links they click on and who are your most engaged recipients.  I will also create your signup forms and set up your lead magnet.

The Mail Out services I provide include:

  • MailChimp setup
  • Aweber setup
  • Email advertising
  • Newsletters
  • Catalogs
  • Cards
  • Letters
  • Invoices


For help with any of these or any other mailing related tasks whether online or printed, please contact me to see how I can help.

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