Technological Assistance

Keeping up with technology can be difficult and time consuming and if you’re not interested, it can be a chore that you just don’t bother with. I love technology and like to keep up with the latest trends and possibilities for technology to be used in our day to day lives as well as it’s applications for business.

  • Media monitoring
  • SEO support
  • Research
  • e-filing
  • Website maintenance
  • Tech support

I can help you to find ways to use technology to make your business run more smoothly, or help you troubleshoot any minor issues you might have. I can also help you with the research and evaluation of new hardware or software you might be intending to purchase. With my natural affinity to technology and my access to a large network of virtual assistants who can advise on what works and doesn’t work for their clients – I can offer you a great head start when it comes to introducing new technology to your business.

For help with any of these or any other technological assistance needs, please contact me to see how I can help.


Technological Assistance Guarantee - Sharyn Munro Virtual Assistance